Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How To Open Sushi Bar Restaurant

Open Sushi Bar Business

So, you are planning to start a sushi restaurant but before that you ought to know what exactly a sushi is? Sushi, a famous dish of Japan is like a vinegar rice including toppings of fish which can be either cooked or raw and also includes vegetable.

When you would go to other countries except Japan then you would find that people misunderstands this dish by saying it as a raw fish or a raw sea-food dishes and in the event you need to open a sushi bar you better be cautious in telling the difference between these. The sliced raw fish is called as sashimi and is apart from sushi. Sashimi is a raw fish and not rice containing material. Procedure of making sushi is fundamentally by preserving and fermenting of raw fish with salt and ice. When this fermentation of salt and ice will be completed then vinegar will be produced which will make the fish break in to amino acids.

It can be intimidating to openning a sushi restaurant without knowing the menu. So, let's start with the menu. There's more types like:-

- Nigri a' it is a small piece of fish mounted on rice.

- Maki a' it is a kind of sushi in which ingredients are rolled inside nori.

- Temaki a' it is a sushi which contains cone-shaped rolls including fish and vegetables.

Now day, restaurants and bars having sushi make use of creative ingredients, so it is necessary to know some ingredients which help in making sushi. There's plenty of ingredients which are used to prepare sushi. The main ingredient is the sushi rice. Sushi rice is short sized Japanese rice which is topped and mixed with vinegar, rice, sugar and salt. The sushi rice is being cooled before it is being filled inside to make a sushi. Sushi has more important ingredient known as nori, which is an algae which is specially cultivated from harbors of Japan. Sushi also contains some toppings and fillings such as fish, sea-food, vegetables, red meat and other fillings including eggs and tofu. For a sushi restaurant you ought to have a nice chef.

A restaurant always needs a gifted chef. Cooks now days are paid handsomely. Chef ought to have the following qualifications:

- Ability to have a sense of taste and smell

- ought to have love for food

- knows to make food combination- textures and flavors

- Love to innovate or experiment

- Nice memory

- Prepared for back-bending hours

Sushi is nutritional dish as it contains raw fish and ice which are thought about low in fat and helps persons to save themselves and keep themselves fit. There's plenty of utensils which needs while preparing sushi: kitchen cloths, rice barrel, kitchen knives, bamboo rolling mat, cooking chopsticks, wooden rice paddle, rectangular omelet pan and mold.

These are the main things which are needed to prepare sushi. The utensils as well as the ingredients ought to be of nice quality. While you need help on how to open a sushi restaurant, it needs a nice kitchen with a nice sushi making professional or a chef. In the event you are mastering in these above things then you would be making a nice market for your restaurant.


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